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My latest dance cover of NMB48's latest single, "MUST BE NOW"!

     I apologize that this wasn't perfect...but I went ahead and did it! The music video was released two weeks ago and I only decided to learn the dance less than a week ago! Whaaat?! Crazy because this is a hard dance... So hard that they picked only the best dancers to be in this single (that's what I read). I pushed myself to go ahead and film it because we were filming something else that day at the studio, so I wouldn't want to miss my chance in filming in a nice place.

     As for the music video/song review... Sayaka Yamamoto, the center, is soooo amazing! The girl is a natural dancer! She owns the spotlight and the "Dancing Queen" title! The song, though, did not catch my attention so much when I first watched it. They could have toned down with the autotune. Sayaka (who sings the most) would have been fine without it anyways. All in all, I love the video concept! It is simple, but the dance makes up for it! It reminds me of the days when I cared about K-POP... when there was actual dancing! The clothes were very cool, too... looks like J-POP is finding it's place where it can compete with the word (hip-hop & dance-wise). There may have been gaps in the choreography that could have been better, but it doesn't matter to me because the overall dance was good. Sayaka also seems to be raising the standard because if you look closely at the rest of the girls, they aren't as good, but they seem to be trying to keep up with her. Sadly, I was only able to recognize recently with this video and AKB48's recent senbatsu single because I was blinded by my usual favorites.... she was always there, but I never tried figuring out her name. But here she is stealing my heart even harder! I used to think I'll hate AKB48 when all the originals leave... thank goodness I have something to look forward to now!

Watch the short version here:

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