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Hi ladies! Greeting from Cali! Yup, I'm home! And I will be here for another week and a half.

I haven't been blogging religiously not only because of school work (which paid off! yeah!) but also because I was missing my digicam. So, now... I will make up for absence as much as I can- I have to return the kindness to the people who took the time to follow my blog, you know.

Here's what I brought a long to my trip back home...

Here's my bag.. I got it from a local mall back in the Philippines.

eye creams, lip gloss, eye liner, mascara, concealer, lipstick, eyeliner gels, contacts, and some funky tools.

sunblock, primers, foundations, bb cream, blush, eye quads, highlighters, bronzer, powder...

I brought most of my brushes, as well!

I got the bag from a National Bookstore outlet. 
The bag is perfect to protect my brushes from dirt.

stippling brushes, foundation brush, eyeliner brush, eyeshadow brush, powder brush, a fluffy eyeshadow brush, concealer brush, and a kubuki brush.

I brought my 88 pc Shimmer and Color palettes, as well.. I will probably leave one or the other here...and that's basically it. But I think I will be acquiring more while I'm here on vacation. So watch out for that! Teeeheee.

If you guys want me to do reviews or to do some shopping for you while I'm here... just hit me up! I won't bite... hard. Lol. I'm kidding.

-aijin :)

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  1. hi there! wow, you brought along all your stuff^_^ i thought you left :( missed you girl and your posts^^ can't wait for your updates~ xoxo

  2. Love your makeup collection! Hope you'll have reviews on your makeup soon. Can't wait to see your reviews on Rimmel London! and Maybelline Mineral Liquid Foundie! What's your HG powder foundiE? Thanks sis!

  3. @locke: haha... that's almost all of it... I left a lot of my lip, eye, and cheek stuff... then again, they may not be that many! haha. And thanks! I'm glad someone missed me!!! Teeheee. <3

    @Lysa: hey there! Are those requests?? haha.. I will make those reviews for sure now! Thanks for reading my blog! I feel loved :)


Thanks for the love! <3