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Anime Expo 2015
      Wow. It's officially the first of August and this post is almost a month late. Well, it's only been a month and that's not too bad considering I take more time in the usual, haha! This has been my 3rd year attending the biggest anime convention in the US and it was been different from the first two times. I worked as a reporter for VKH-Press and it definitely was a unique experience. I already have bought a pass the year before, but because of work, I was provided with a Press Pass which pretty much gave me VIP access. I wish we brought one more person, it was a waste of a badge money, lol. This post is a mixture of my instagram pix and dslr pics, so pardon the quality. And yes, ANDREA is my real name... just saying. Read on to see how it went for me.

DAY 0: July 1, 2015
Westin Bonaventure
Westin Bonaventure
At the Westin Bonaventure. I was assigned to do two interviews here for fashion guests, Junnyan & h.NAOTO. This place has such a wonderful and huge lobby!

Westin Bonaventure
I spotted Junnyan walking around way before the interview.

After work, we checked in our hotel, The Residence Inn LA Live by Marriot.
I was really tired because right before arriving for the interview, we travelled 3+ hours to get to LA and I lacked so much sleep.

Residence Inn LA Live by Marriott
Our view from the 15th floor!
Residence Inn LA Live by Marriott
After picking up our badges at the convention center (which was amazingly less than 10 mins wait), we went back to the hotel and decided to lounge around by the pool.

Just chillin!

Residence Inn LA Live by Marriott
I was honestly just trying to get a nice picture of my new book, Besties, featuring the gorgeous Solenn Huessaff & Georgina Wilson... and I see this guy doing push-ups in front of us.

DAY 1: July 2, 2015
Color of the Day: Neon Green.

Before heading out to the convention.

Anime Expo 2015 | Shinya x h.NAOTO
It was actually another work day for me. I had an interview with super star drummer, Shinya of DIR EN GREY, and then I had to attend the press con starring him and h.NAOTO. The picture was from NOATO's twitter.

After that morning of work, we returned to the hotel and apparently I fell asleep and stayed asleep the whole afternoon... I was that tired. I guess the pressure when facing famous people is that intense, haha.

DAY 2: July 3, 2015
Residence Inn LA Live by Marriott
Breakfast for champions!

Color of the Day: Neon Orange!
Ready to perform for CLUB LOLLIPOP at the K-POP DANCE BATTLE!
Anime Expo 2015 | The Survey Corps Dance Team
     We actually head over to the community hall to watch The Survey Corps Dance Team's performance! We were a little late, but their routine was 30 mins long , so we still had a lot to see. But then again, there were so many people... it was hard to see! I wish they had a better stage! And oh, we met their director, dressed as AOT's Hanji, and my dance crush, dressed as Levi. I still get the feels! Teehee!

     We then rush to the K-Pop Dance Battle and sadly, Club Lollipop didn't make it to the next round. The groups were more intense this year and we noticed that they prefer more hard-hitting style of dances. So, the sexy-style Club Lollipop is out the door. But it's okay, we don't focus on k-pop anymore actually and the same time, we don't expect much. We're just happy that they still picked us because there are apparently some people who weren't chosen or waitlisted. Being there is with such a talented batch of dancers was enough.

Anime Expo 2015 | Fashion Show | Junnyan | Kimura U
As soon as the contest ended, we fled to the fashion show. Yup, I had to cover the fashion show and we got really good seats, too! I was able to talk to Junnyan again and meet Kimura U after the event.

DAY 3; July 4, 2015
Residence Inn LA Live by Marriott
Another hearty breakfast because it was going to be a long day. I actually spent all night and the time after breakfast practicing for my solo at the J-Pop dance battle. Sad to say again, I didn't perform the way I should and didn't place. Well, that happens when you get struck with stage fright. Yup, it happens quite a lot to me. Hopefully, I can perform better next time.

After the contest, I immediately went back to the hotel and took a long nap. When I woke up, I chilled at the pool. By midnight, we got ready to go rave at the convention.
Cosplayers at LA Live! I've been so busy with work or contests, I didn't even have pictures with cosplayers!

Anime Expo 2015
Anime Expo 2015
I like the raves! The security makes sure there isn't any funny business going on. They also have bomb djs, music and go-go dancers! The fact that it is an anime convention, most people are dorks who are quite decent aka they don't dance with you or touch you without your permission, lol.

Sweaty but happy!

Day 4, July 5, 2015
Anime Expo 2015
The last day of the convention and for the past two years, we never bother to attend. But since Shinya had a panel, we quickly swam, ate breakfast, packed and headed to the convention center... We were surprised to see that Sunday was still crowded with people.

Anime Expo 2015
Anime Expo 2015
The panel was cancelled, so we head to the Exhibit Hall. I was too busy to go the past days! And have you noticed where I am? I'm at the next floor up, the VIP hall, which my badge allowed we to get in. I can avoid the crowd for a hassle-free experience. Can you find my sister? Haha.

Anime Expo 2015
Have you watched Free! Iwatobi Swim Club? You should!

Anime Expo 2015
Anime Expo 2015
You can find one-of-a-kind action figures and toys here.

Anime Expo 2015
Anime Expo 2015
Yup, anything anime-related even in bikini can find here.

Anime Expo 2015 | KOKOkim
Anime Expo 2015 | galaxxxy
Anime Expo 2015 | Liz Lisa
Anime Expo 2015 | h.NAOTO
I checked out the booth of the brands that were in the fashion show (Kokokim, galaxxxy, Liz Lisa, & h.NAOTO).

Anime Expo 2015 | Culture Japan
Went to the main hall... check out Culture Japan and their dolls!
If you see people on the top in the empty hallway, that was where I was, the VIP hall!

L.A. Live
Returning to the hotel, we always have to pass here, LA Live. So pretty right?

Residence Inn LA Live by Marriott
And back to the hotel to pick up our stuff and go home!
This year's Anime Expo was definitely interesting. I didn't enjoy it like a usual attendee did, but it was nice being able to enjoy VIP perks & meet fashionistas. I think I need more patience in taking pictures and/or a smaller camera. I'll work on it.

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