Fashion Fridays: Weekly Inspirations # 6

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Currently obsessing over Eugenie Grey. So fierce. And in all honestly, I like that bondage look. Yup!

Queen CL still killing it even with a simple oversized sweater and knee high chucks. I always wanted shoes like that, actually. I was torn in choosing that or some Harajuku Lover sneakers before. They were the same price, but I went for the second option. And years later, I see CL wearing them bad boys... I want them again.

Beauty guru, Chrisspy, working it in that white dress & killer heels. I especially like her, not only because of her mad skills, but she can work it despite her supposedly large stature. I can definitely relate more to her at the moment.

Kylie looking smoking hawt pumping gas? Ugh. Now I wish I didn't hide under a shell when I was 17! I also like the matching blazer & shorts!

And here she is showing off her figure with a simple crop top & leggings. Ugh, simple yet sexy!

One of the Filipino fashion bloggers I currently like, Rhea Bue. I love the high-waisted & distressed denim shorts with that crochet top. She looks like a summer ready doll! 

Francis Lola. Again with super distressed short only this look got the downtown LA look. Just found her instagram & I love her swag.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week's picks and July!
Thanks for reading!

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