My First Ebay Haul feat. Influenster!

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Remember my Under $25 Finds on Ebay post? Well, I have made my first purchase on Ebay with the gift card Influenster sent me! Check out what I got my hands on!

1. 15 Colors Concealer Camouflage Makeup Palette - $7.99 
As I said, I wanted to be able to contour with cream products. This fits the price, but happens to be small. The pigmentation is fine, too.

2. 10 Pairs False Eyelashes
This came with the the purchase of the concealer palette. I've seen stuff like this from other people and heard it was of acceptable quality. I have yet to try it.

3. 6 Colors Contour Powder Palette - $8.49
A generic palette, but so affordable and the product comes in big pans!

4. Waterproof Phone Case for Samsung S3 - $7.69
This is actually water, shock, dirt, and snow proof... as far as I know. I thought it was too big, but it fit my phone right. I used it when we went to the beach and it protected it from the sand & water. Keep it clean so your pictures stay clear.

5. 36 LED CN-LUX360 Video Light Lamp - $15.73
     I thought I was going to film at night during my vacation in the Philippines and I didn't want to drag the bigger LED light with me. I picked this up for the ease of carrying it around. This one needs the AAA batteries. I would have picked the one that came with a rechargeable battery & its charger, but those ship from China. I had no choice but pick this if I wanted it to come in time. I ended up not using it yet, haha! But this is cute and will make filming easier because a dslr in heavy enough and you don't want to add a big LED light on top of it and kill your arms.

     If the palettes look a little used, it's because they have been used! I just recently took pictures of it. And again, I purchased all these with the very first $25 gift card Influenster sent me! I was able to get this all because Ebay had a $15 off coupon for me at that time. I paid a total of less than $2 with my own money at the check out! Cool huh?

If you want to be enjoy the free swag an Influenster can get, sign up here!

They actually sent two more gift cards and I have used one of it already. Yup, I got a total of three. So watch out to see what I purchased.

Thanks for reading!

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