ALWAYS JADINE US TOUR 2017: The Houston Show!

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      You can go ahead and watch my vlog up above, I'll just talk a little bit about my concert experience here. I've been to A LOT of concerts and I thought that this was pretty special because this is the concert of one of the hottest love teams currently in the Philippines. While I have not watched any of their recent movies or shows (I watched only one, I think), I found their online presence very appealing and did not hesitate to follow them in all their social media platforms. I have seen a music video of Nadine's though and I thought that it was a big step towards the improvement of Filipino Pop. So, I guess that it is special because I think I may have found a reason to like Pop music from the Philippines which will be performed by two of their hottest stars and I paid $160+ to see them (not including hotel stay and what not). And did I mention that this is my first Filipino concert to attend here in the US? Yup, its that special... especially for the price! 

      On to the concert experience, JADINE was great. They are definitely walking towards the path that could actually get the Filipino's music up to par with S. Korea and Japan's... but not just yet. I mean, the beat is great and the singing of Tagalog and English doesn't make me cringe (like most KPOP songs). I also do love that they were very hands-on in their tour and I can see the efforts, but I feel like they need to collaborate with people who can help their ideas be as big as they wish.. as I wish to see them. Nadine is fine and can shake what her momma gave her, but the choreography lacked a tad bit and they need more back up dancers. Even CL of 2NE1 has a world-renowned choreographer and her bad-ass dance team for her American single, Hello Bitches. I enjoyed the songs and seeing her dance, but KPOP seems to be flourishing because they got solid choreography to match. I can see myself dancing to her songs, but I'd love to see her go all out with her own bad ass choreo to her bad ass song. 

     Also with working with other people, they need to change management! The venue was terrible... and I admit that I wasn't going to complain but I saw the point of everyone else who did. You paid $160 to be seated far away and behind the music crew... plus for those who paid that amount just to meet them, as well... to be treated like uneducated peasants. There was a lot of yelling from security and organizers during the meet & greet photo-op. While JADINE was so nice in the seconds my new friend and I were by them... we were able to say "Hi! Nice to meet you!" and shake hands, the staff was out right RUDE. Is there really a rush? I've paid so much less to see other stars perform and to meet them (and talk and get a nice hug)... and they're the ones who are big in their countries and constantly tour the US due to HIGH DEMAND from people of all races. 

     Anyways, I also got told off by an old lady to "stop filming" with my camera so rudely. I know that the majority of people there are older ladies with their overly done LV bags and maybe with their young children, but she talked me down like I have no right to be there... Everyone was filming & taking pictures with their phones and DSLRs! Thank you for targeting me, the one with the smaller camera next to the many people standing beside me with their pro cams. I also feel like this is a Filipino thing... just because you assume I'm one of you, you think it is okay to treat me that way. I've seen Japanese and Korean people treat everyone very fairly & nicely even if the fans are borderline out-of-control no what they looked like or dress like. Plus, for what you pay for as a VIP... there was no free CD or lanyard or anything! Sadly, it has been is the most disorganized and disheartening concerts I've been to. JADINE, try working with American staff next time. They may actually make $160+/person worth it for you (stage/set-up) and for the fans, too. 

      Despite all the negative stuff, I'm glad to have seen the power couple in action!
They're such a lovely bunch to watch... and they were, not only flawless up close, but genuinely kind and happy when I met them. 

I was surprised how they made me feel, because I wasn't a die hard fan like everyone else.
I just happen to have the time and $$$, lol. But look at them, their laughs and smiles are contagious... 

I felt an aftershock that I didn't expect after meeting them...
And I definitely also felt the #TeamReal vibes! 

I couldn't get a decent picture of James Reid... but Nadine Lustre was one shining star!
She feels slightly cold in her social media platforms, but she is actually such a sweetheart! 
I've watched people react to her on youtube... this girl is, as they say, feels aspirational.
And I will continue to follow this girl around.

Thanks for reading!

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