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NYX Blushes: Dessert Rose, Angel, & Peach.

Remember these babies from the my Cherry Culture Haul post
Yes, Finally!  LOL.

NYX Blush in Peach.
 This is a very light pink blush with is a bit of tan... making it "peachy" in color. It may be too light that you would have to apply a lot of this in order to show up. Then again, the lack of pigmentation may be great for the natural look.

NYX Blush in Dessert Rose.
This blush is a deep hot red. The pigmentation is really good, so be careful in applying this! I feel like it creates the "cheeks-got-pinched-too-much-it's-close-to-bleeding" look... LOL.

NYX Blush in Angel.
This is light tan in color and has a sheen to it. I think the pigmentation is better than Peach... But because of its sheen it seems to be more of a highlighter than a blush, in my opinion.

What it does:
Our pressed powder blush delivers sheer, silky color that glides on, blends beautifully and creates a natural glow. The formula is richly-pigmented and lasts for hours. Available in 27 shades.
Product description taken from here.

What I like:
  • Available in 27 different colors. The Dessert Rose blush makes quite a statement!
  • Silky texture.

What I don't like:
  • The packaging. The hinge of both Angel & Dessert Rose loosened up, so it could no longer stay up when opened.
  • Costs $6 in nyxcosmetics.com!

NYX Blush Swatches: Peach, Dessert Rose, & Angel.

They're pretty decent to me... But I wish my sister picked out more interesting colors, you know?! HAHA. In any case, I think they're a little bit pricey for me (I'm not an avid fan of blushes) so I'd rather stick to the blushes from E.L.F. (Studio and/or Essential line) just because they get the work done for only $1-$3! The only downfall is that they don't have variety like NYX does!

These were purchased from cherryculture.com for only $4.50 a piece! So buy it from there! As for my Filipino readers, I don't know of a physical store where you can purchase this but you can avail of this from digitaltraincase.multiply.com for P300. I think the E.L.F. Studio blushes cost as much as NYX in the Philippines, so I think it may be a better idea to stick to NYX over in the Philippines.

I hope you guys get what I'm trying to describe... I'm running out of words here! HAHA.
Thanks for reading!


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  1. Ah they look cuter than the Elf blushes! xx

  2. They are! Its just a little bit more expensive... Haha. I'm so cheap! :DDD

  3. Your pictures are so clear! I love this haul and review.


  4. @Rosamond: HI! Thank you! I try my best! ...also, thanks for following me, dear! <3

  5. I love NYX!! I like the first blush, the color is cute. xoxo

  6. @Alba: Hi! Thanks for dropping by! ^_^


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