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NYX Jumbo Pencils: Electric Blue, Rocky Mountain Green, Milk, Purple Velvet, Black Bean, Pure Gold, and Pots & Pans.

Again these are from the Cherry Culture Haul post... YAY! :D

What it does:
A radiant eye liner that also doubles as an eye shadow. Made with a blend of mineral oil and powder, our creamy Jumbo Eye Pencils glide on effortlessly—no pulling, tugging or fading—and come in a rainbow of vivid hues. Some call her chubby. We say voluptuous. Available in 28 shades. 
Product description taken from here.

NYX Jumbo Pencils: Electric Blue, Rocky Mountain Green, Milk, Purple Velvet, Black Bean, Pure Gold, and Pots & Pans.

What I like:
  • A lot of product.
  • Creamy.
  • Highly pigmented!
  • Great color selection.
  • Great as a base.

What I don't like:
  • Needs a special sharpener.
  • It may need a powder of the same color to set it & make it last longer.
  • Needs to be sharpened. Which would waste some of the product.

NYX JUMBO PENCILS SWATCHES: Milk, Black Bean, Pots & Pans, Pure Gold, Rocky Mountain Green, Purple Velvet, & Electric Blue.

I think these are really nice product! To those who love color, these will definitely add more vibrancy to your eyeshadows! I actually have my own NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk & Black Bean, which I bought last year in the Philippines from an online shop. I used Milk for my waterline for a dance competition... It definitely looked awesome! Just to be on the safe side though, set it with a matching eyeshadow color for it to last longer and to prevent it from possible creasing.

This costs $4.50 at nyxcosmetics.com but my sister got this for only $2.99 over at cherryculture.com! For my Filipino readers once again, I don't know of a physical store where you could get this but there are a lot of online shops out there... I forgot where I got my own Jumbo Pencils. So... SORRY!

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  1. Great review!


  2. Love the color of the pencils! Very usefull!

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  4. They all look so nice! The black one must be so handy to wear under metallic eyeshadows, it should bring out the glitters even more! xx

  5. Thank you @t, @Lara Rose, & @ Vale!

    I think they should be able to do that! ^_^


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  7. They're so pretty! I can't wait to check it out! xoxoxoo

  8. @SH:
    Thank you! Will do :)

    @Fashion Cappuccino: I hope you'll like them as much as I do! ^_^

  9. i always love nyx jumbo pencils! thanks for the swatches hun! mmuaah!

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