Fisherman's Wharf of Monterey Bay.

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Last weekend my family went out and spent a day in our local tourist spots... 
I thought I should share this trip with all of you!  ^_^

Welcome to Monterey Bay's Fisherman's Wharf.

Here's one of the many restaurants that offers free Clam Chowder!

One of the many shops the sells tourist stuff...

Whale Watching, anyone?

The candy shop that sells the best caramel popcorn I ever tasted!
Yes, Chocolate-covered Apples!!!

The shop seriously smelt so sweet.. I felt like I was inhaling diabetes! LOL.

It's a really nice place to go and just chill out while feeling the breeze. 

When you get hungry, you won't starve because of the free Clam Chowder! HAHA.
I didn't get more than one little cup of Clam Chowder because its full of Sodium and will make me rounder than I already am! haha.

We were actually taking family friends around who was visiting the area... we did more after this but I'll post it up next time!

I have a collective haul coming up and I think I'll be doing something like "KPOP Mondays" just because I'm into the KPOP Culture... haha.
Does starting youtube videos sound like a good idea? LOL.
I'm so random... haha.

Thanks for dropping by!


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  1. My throat's drying up by just looking at the chocolates.<3 waah. haha. Is that Gabby po? (the curly hair?) :D

  2. HAHA! You should have been there! You'd be intoxicated by the delicious smell! HAHAHA. And yup! SHHHHH! Don't tell her! LOL :D

  3. It's really wonderful there. I'll be visiting that place too next year. The pastry shop looks wonderful. FREE CLAM CHOWDER!!! yum


  4. Hi Jean!!! You will??? We should meet up!!!! ^_^

  5. Oooo. I wanna go there! :)

  6. Hi bee!! what a wonderful color of the sea :-)
    nice to meet you, I'm Anna from Italy :-) nice blog here!!

    What about following each other? it would be a pleasure having you on my blog!

    Follow me and I'll return the favour :-D

  7. @WonderWoman: Hi!

    @Anna Pitto: Hi there. Nice to meet you! Thanks for dropping by! ^_^


Thanks for the love! <3