Fall 2015 Nail Colors

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Fall 2015 Nail Colors

     It'll be officially Autumn in a few weeks, but even before then, everyone seems to be feeling the Fall vibe early. I love the fact the weather is getting cooler, but not so much of the traditional Fall colors. So I looked up what nail colors are in-trend this season. What I found out? It's not bad at all. I pulled out similar nail colors from my collection to share with you all! Hope you enjoy reading!

Vampy Reds: Cherry Crush - Revlon, Temptation - La Belle by Sassy Colors, Malaga Wine - OPI
A very expected color, but very seductive and a sure classic.

Sexy Violets: Purple Pizzazz Frost - NYC & Victorian Violet - La Belle by Sassy Colors
It must be the word "victorian", but this colors makes me think royalty!

Electric Blues: Sapphire - La Belle by Sassy Colors
Hang on to the last of summer with a shocking blue. I love it!

Teals: Green Sessions - Allue (HBC) & Iceberg Lotus - Nicole by OPI
My favorite color! Woot!

Grey: Almond - Sassy Colors
Nudes: Tan - Sassy Colors, 2% Milk - Wet N Wild, & Sugar Coat - Wet N Wild
The very minimalistic colors that can suit school and work while looking chic.

Other colors include darker oranges and even browns. I don't have those, sorry!

     All my Filipina readers, I picked up my Sassy Colors in the LCC malls in Legazpi. The Allue polish was from an HBC branch from my hometown in the Philippines, as well. Both are very affordable and I love it! But if you want to try the "imported" or US brands like the ones I have, you can splash some color with some nail polish from Zalora here. Otherwise, if you live in the US, you can pick up those in the drugstores.

To think that I recently de-cluttered my nail polish collection, this seems to still be a lot, huh?

And I'm thinking of wearing Sugar Coat later. Yes or No?
By the way, what nail colors are you looking forward to this Fall?

Thanks for reading!

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