A Collective Wet N Wild Haul

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Collective Wet N Wild Haul
I know it looks like a lot, but this is just a collective haul... kinda... but it is! Read on to see what I bought and why I have so many!

Collective Wet N Wild Haul
1. Wet N Wild Color icon Pigment Collection in Boardwalk Booze
     I picked this up mid summer by itself. It was on the "new makeup rack" at the Rite Aid nearby and caught my attention because of the loud colors, something you don't see in the drugstore (except if it were a super cheap makeup brand). It reminded me of the Urban Decay Electric Palette! It was $4.99 or $5 something, but my Wellness card reduced it to $2-3! Yay!

CoverAll Pressed Powder in Medium
MegaLast Lip Color in Mauve Outta Here & Purty Persimmon 
Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner in Black 
CoverAll Creme Foundation in Medium/Tan
Color Icon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana
     These group of goodies were the last of my collective haul. Yes, I bought it all at the same time... because it was on sale. After making my 8-14 purchases, I realized I wanted to take advantage of this sale and buy something I will send my good friend, Jam. She's new to makeup and I want to help start her off... with the sale going on, why not grab a few of my faves for her to try, right? All these amounted to $12 only. Not bad, huh?

CoverAll Pressed Powder in Medium
CoverAll Creme Foundation in Medium/Tan
MegaLast Lip Color 
- Smoking Hot Pink, Coral-ine, Don't Blink Pink, Pinkerbell, & Purty Persimmon
     I bought there two days before I decided to purchases numbers 2-7. Reason why I took the plunge was because for years now, people have been raving about these babies for their price, quality and range in colors. What pushed me to the edge was my memory of Marlena from MakeupGeekTV questioning how Wet N Wild keeps these so cheap for it's great quality in her snapchat story. I know I did a giveaway for one of the lippies before, but I never got around trying it for myself really. Also, everything was 40% off and it looked like these things were flying off the shelves (especially when I returned to buy more WNW goodies). Rite Aid is usually expensive compared to Target or Walmart, but they have more in stock and when they have a sale, the deals are pretty good. Anyways, I wanted to try whatever colors called out to me (from whatever was left on the racks). I was also thinking that if I were to give lippies to friends for my next vacation to the Philippines, I could just give these! I have a lot of friends (who loves red lippies for some reason) and I would like to do blogger meet ups... It gets extremely expensive for someone who doesn't have a big source of income. So, I want to try these out before deciding if it is worth giving out. As for the foundation and pressed powder, they looked very promising. All of these came up to $11 only! Hurrah!

     Normally, I don't like spending on myself especially if it were expensive items. At most I just purchase one or two things at a time, but if it were only the lower end makeup. The 40% off was a pretty good deal and seeing how the WNW rack was slowly getting empties, I couldn't miss out on this chance! Crossing my fingers that reviews on these will come up in my blog in the next weeks...
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love WnW lippies! I even use my favorite shades to my clients, and they always compliment it. Even if they eat and drink in the wedding, they still have nice tints on their lips! Nice haul!

    1. Now, I'm even more excited for the lippies! Yay! Thank you for dropping by, Genzel <3


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