How to Open Contact Lens Vials (with Pictures)!

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Like I've said at my last post, I haven't hauled any lenses for the longest time. And yes, that also means that I haven't opened those drug-like looking bottles in awhile, too! I decided to take pictures of my first contacts up for review (which will be up soon). This is dedicated to all you newbies to contacts and I hope you enjoy!

"how to open contact lens vials"
There's usually a marking as to where to will put your fingers to pull up the cap. In this case, its that little triangle shape.

Read on for more!

That metal seal is pretty sharp! Handle with care!
Drain out the contents into a clean contact lens case. Drain that solution carefully. And replace it with your choice of contact lens solution.
Taking care of your lenses is crucial! You put it in your eye, so take care of it!
I got my new lenses from MAPLELENS.COM

I hope you enjoyed this post... reviews coming soon!
Thanks for reading!

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