HCDC: Panther Day Mob Dance

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A little glimpse of college life with fun added in... LOL

So we are a little but past the start of the new semester at the moment here in Sunny California (it's been raining a bit lately though) and it's time for the Hartnell College Dance Club to make a comeback. I am, of course, the president and that's why I'm so fired up! Well, the only way to keep a organization going in the sleepy little college in an even more sleepier little town is to be the strong foundation. And so, to treasure these precious moments that will eventually slip through my hand, I decided to take out the camera and vlog a little bit on our college event, "Panther Day". It's basically an "org day" (as I remember in the Philippines) wherein you lure people in to your club and so fundraising, as well. We unfortunately didn't get informed sooner, so we skipped fundraising and went on to purely advertise with free candy!

Being ze' Dance Club of ze' school, we performed some of the pieces from last semester on the second day.

We made this into a mini mob dance with some of the members who were available at that time with little practice prior to it... and yes, the people around & behind us were unaware of our motives! Yep, we surprised people and it worked out because we had members push away & clear some space of our Student Center and got really big speakers to "make a scene".

It's the first performance of the year and we're currently working hard for our main project.

Watch out for more :3
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