My Orange Hair: Why and History (as of 2013)!

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Draw by my sister and her perception of how bright my hair is nowadays!

I've noticed a trend popping out the past months right after I've returned to my desired (or "original") hair color. Not that I'm thinking that I'm ALL THAT or anything, but I've had people in the same social circle I'm in actually comment on my pictures with the desire to do the same, personally message me on how I did it, or just go do the same thing not long after I dyed my hair and post it up on facebook/instagram.

It's nice to see that people apparently notice my craziness and I see their wish to stand out, too. But for me ORANGE(-YYY) HAIR has always been my thing ever since I was 16. I actually stopped for a moment to think how this necessity of mine came to be and now you will all know why!

Ichigo from Bleach
The hottest 15 year old you will ever meet!
This is one of my favorite animes from before and up till now!

Jiro Wang as Jin Xui Yi in Hana Kimi (Taiwanese Version)
This funny guy captured my heart at first sight. He became my first Asian star crush and his boy bad, Feilunhai, became my first boy bang obsession! Yes, I was into Chinese pop way before Kpop!

Ikuta Toma as Shuichi Nakatsu in Hana Kimi (Japanese Version)
Jiro Wang's Japanese Counterpart for the Japanese version! He is as adorable as Jiro!

Oguri Shun as Hanazawa Rui in Hana Yori Dango
Unlike, Jiro Wang & Ikuta Toma, Oguri Shun's quiet character pulled me in this time! I've also loved him in other shows, too!

Danny Im aka Taebin from 1TYM
My first KPOP crush!
He can sing, rap, and breakdance!
I saw him during KCON last year, where my sister sang for him! Ayeeee! XD

I think this it turning in to a fan girl post... But yeeeee, I've been overdosed with these hotties from the beginning of my colored hair days as you can see in my ever popular post on my Hair History. I've liked them all for different reasons but they all had one thing in common... ORANGE-YYY HAIR! Unconsciously, I must have been drawn to the color and I've stuck to it ever since!... until my nursing school days.

Fortunately, my orange hair made a comeback last year and I've been on it ever since!
I looked back on my instagram and picked out the times I freshened up my orange hurrrr :P
March 2013
After a long, long, long while (post nursing school days), I figured out how to get my hair the way I want it to be!

June & July 2013
Got my hair re-did for JPOP Summit & Anime Expo!

August 2013
Did my hair again for the stage at World of Dance Bay Area 2013!

December 2013
Got it done for the Shel Silverstein play and our dance club talent show.

February 2014
Now for the new year & new semester! 

When I teased my friends about coloring my hair back to black, like my nursing school days, I've been told I shouldn't! It's as if this hair color is my actual one and it fits my personality so well that it is hard to imagine me without it. Plus, it became my signature look when people try to point out who the president of the dance club in my school is, haha. Well, know that I'm not giving up this color no matter how many of my facebook friends decides to "follow the trend".

Picture used for my club flyers last Fall 2013 Semester... super orange-yyy hurrr! :3

Do you have colored hair?
If so, what inspired you to color it the way it is?

My hair history: 
My last hair dye post: 

Thanks for reading!

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