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So this is 22 weeks (I checked my instagram post lol) or almost half a year late. I guess I never found the time to blog about it. But because it is time to update my EYEGLASSES HISTORY, here it is now, my third pair ever in my life!

Eyeglasses are so much more expensive here in the US than what I'm used to in the Philippines. There aren't a lot of affordable styles to choose from and, if there is, they're most likely too small to fit my nose... and to think that my nose is pretty tall for an Asian girl, the search for an affordable pair of cool looking glasses was not easy.

My dad and I decided to look at Costco for a pair and after much deliberation, I ended up with these babies. They're similar to my first glasses, only that it's in black. The inner black & white design makes it interesting, though. And this fits my nose pretty well, too. The frame, medium-sized, was in the $200 range. I also found out that my grade increased to -1.75 (R) & -1.50 (L).

I've actually lost my 2nd pair of glasses and was using my sister's glasses, but struggled with it because her grade is much lower than mine. Yep, it was a struggle to drive and see at a distance. But all is good with my new serious/nerdy/dorky glasses.

My Eyeglasses History:

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  1. A very charming pair of glasses ^^ Love them and they look great on you too!!

    恵美より ♥


Thanks for the love! <3