Hidden Gems at TJ MAXX!

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      I know.. I know... Another haul? Sorry... If you saw the makeup that I saw, you'd feel the same way! Anyways, this is a way to show you that you don't need to go to Sephora or Ulta to spot amazing finds... Plus, everything is priced beautifully! If you want to watch me go through these thing quickly, watch my haul video! I'm going to list the original prices down below if I can find it online... no, not the one on the sticker because their initial original prices can be more than the ones on the sticker! So read on!

Okay Coconut Conditioner Deep Moisturizing (originally $9)
My hair was drying out so much... moisture was needed!

So Fresh So Clean Makeup Remover Cleansing Towlettes
Great for the first step taking off my makeup and even used for cleaning my brushes!

Beauty Techniques Summer Sun Brush Cleanser
     Such a huge bottle for a brush cleaner! You can't find this at the drugstores or even Target for only $5! If you love using brushes, cleaning it is essential! I use this in combo with my makeup remover wipes.

Measurable Difference Rose Hip Hydrating Body Oil (originally $30)
Measurable Difference The Diamond Collection Lucky Pair Lipstick Set - Flamingo (originally $15)
Measurable Difference 6-Piece Large Contour Palette (originally $90)
      I've seen so many videos about Measurable Difference in the past. So I was surprised when I saw the Rose Hip Oil (which is great for the skin) and was even more surprised when I saw the contour palette! I was even more shocked when I saw the prices online! I'm surprised I didn't pick the other kind of contour palette they has of MD there... but I did decide to pick up the lipsticks also just because. 

BELLÁPIERRE Contour & Highlight Pro Palette (originally $50)
Profusion Trendsetter Conceal Palette (originally $12.50)
NYX Wonder Stick (originally $12)
      I went contour crazy! I'm not into eyeshadows... to be honest, you don't need that much and I think I have enough in stock. But face products and easier to finish up! Plus, look at these babies and it was priced so amazingly compared to what it originally was (especially the Bellapierre palette which looks like a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour palette!).

Peripera Snow White Pride Up Pact - #3 Milky Latte  (originally $30)
Holika Holika Shimmering Petit BB Cream (originally $6.22?)
     I started out this blog with a lot of Korean Makeup because I love it... but it was hard to sustain because it was scarce and the stores here price them 3x or more the original price. So, isn't it nice to see these at such a good price in American discount stores... YAS GURL! 

Asides from makeup, skincare or clothes... there are other cool thing in stock in TJ MAXX, too!
You can also find gadgets (car charger & earphones), stationary and planners for such a good price!

     If you want to know the prices I got them for, the pictures should show it... but you can watch my haul video, too! I'm really excited with the contour palettes and I think I'll haul more for my friends because you don't need to buy multiple products for a contour and highlight (about $5+ each at the drugstore) or buy palettes like these for more than $40 at Sephora. I'm so glad I found these hidden gems at TJ MAXX!
Thanks for reading!

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