Valentine's Day 2016

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      I spent Valentine's Day with my family this year by attending the San Francisco Symphony. After which we went to Japantown, which wasn't very far away. Instead of going around, we ended up at the first restaurant that caught my mom's attention, Izayaka Umai. It's a new restaurant on the second floor right on top of the Daiso Japan. After which we ended up hoarding a lot of stuff from the Daiso! After which, we chilled right outside at the pagoda. It's been awhile since I've been there. Last time was for our performance at J-Pop Summit Festival 2014

      Apologies for being M.I.A. all week. I've been out of it, but I did find the energy to make this quick vlog. I must warn you all though... I may be blogging less for the next month or so. Once again, I need to focus my energy on something important. I'll still pop in for some posts... I'll try my best!
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