KPop Mondays: My Kpop M.V.P. Univeristy Tour Experience + VLOG!

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Hey Guys!
Yesterday, I've attended an KPop Music Video Party over at the Infinity Dance Studio in San Jose!

Infinity Dance Studio, San Jose, CA.
The venue.
With my sister and cousins.
We arrived about 10 mins before 2pm, thinking we were late, but we were one of the very few early ones.
Aimee Lee Lucas. KPOP MVP @ the Infinity Dance Studio, San Jose, CA.
Getting settled in before starting the class.
Let me introduce to you Aimee Lee Lucas.
The Vixen of KPop.
She worked as a choreographer and performer with the likes of Big Bang and 2NE1.
Was first seen in the KPop scene in Big Bang's Number One MV and has been my dance idol ever since.
It was a pretty big class... so much more than I expected!
We stayed in front for the first half of the class in order to learn as much as possible.
The class was two hours long to learn a minute of the dance of G-Dragon's Breathe.
Aimee, not only beautiful & hella sexy, is truly such an amazing dancer and teacher!
She made it extremely fun to learn!
The class formally ended with a "soul train".

Just be clear, KPop M.V.P. is Aimee's company that teaches Kpop dance classes. Kpop is spreading far and wide...with the competition getting higher and higher in South Korea, they come up with many fun & amazing dance choreography! And I don't think there is no other person perfect for this job, bringing these KPop moves to America, than Aimee! Not only is she very immersed in the Kpop scene, know that she is extremely passionate about it!

instagram: @beekyoote
It was definitely awesome seeing her again (I first met her, luckily at the Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour Concert in LA) and this time to actually learn from her! The class was definitely fun! There were so many awesome dancers in the class, as well... all so inspiring to make me work hard in dance. I haven't been dancing at all lately but they sure make me want to keep dancing!

By the way, did you know this two-hour class was only $15??! Crazzzy right?! Great class, loads of fun, and a price you can't beat! If KPop M.V.P. is coming to your place...whether you're a dancer or simply just a KPop lover, do not hesitate! This is definitely worth it!

Here's Aimee dancing the choreography for the class!

And in addition to everything else, I was totally starstruck all over again and probably acted like some crazed fan girl...GAHH! HAHAHA.  And oh yeah, I took a lot of videos while the class was going on because I wanted to make sure this epic day will not be forgotten... I put together a little vlog! Hope you enjoy watching! :D

Thanks for reading!

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