NYC Liquid Eyeliner in 887 Black Review.

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NYC Liquid Eyeliner in 887 Black.

Hey Guys!
Here's my review of an old favorite in it's new packaging!

NYC Liquid Eyeliner in 887 Black.

What it is:
Ever dreamed of having Audrey Hepburn's glamorous look? NYC New York Color Liquid Eyeliner infuses your eyes with the intensity they crave. This staple liner can do fine or bold lines without the fuss. With its mistake-free applicator, elongate your lash line to shape and define your eyes like never before.


Deep and strong color
Perfect line, high-precision applicator
Fast-drying, smudge-resistant formula
Dermatologist tested

Key Ingredients

With skin conditioning ingredients

Product description taken from here.

NYC Liquid Eyeliner in 887 Black.

What I like:
  • Makes intense solid black lines.
  • Very affordable at $2.70.
  • A lot of product. 
  • Can withstand heat and high humidity.
  • Fast-drying, indeed.

What I don't like:
  • Long brush handle reduces the ease in application.
  • Smudges when you intentionally rub it.

What I say...
I love the product but the handle makes it a little difficult to apply. I used to purchase this when it was still in its old packaging a lot during my university days in the Philippines. One fond memory of this was during my sophomore year when I joined the pep squad competition and on the day of the actual contest, I popped out one brand new with the intention of using this on myself and my bestfriend. Everyone saw me doing our eyeliner and so I ended up doing most of the team's eyeliner most especially the boys! Yes, manly men with thick eyeliner on! It actually looked good! HAHA. Anyways, back then I remember making mistakes in doing their eyeliner (plus I was very new with makeup then) so I ended up making everyone's eyeliner really thick, which again looked good for the performance.

So yeah, then and now the problem is with the length of the handle which makes me a little uncomfortable. I don't recommend this if you're still a beginner who is in a rush. But all in all, this is a very good eyeliner... it creates very strong black lines which stays on fairly well despite the heat and humidity. Just do not rub it off especially when you start sweating if you want it to stay nice.

The overall look...

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