KPOP Mondays: Mother~Father Gentleman PSY!

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Psy is finally back to conquer the world with his latest single, Gentleman!
Have you heard/seen it yet???

If you can't tell already... his music video is crazzzyyy and will definitely make you laugh!
I've read somewhere that Psy and YG Entertainment had to change his comeback song at least 20 times before they selected this one! I can imagine the pressure they've had before releasing this! Psy's Gangnam Style was never meant to be a worldwide sensation but it happened! I bet they didn't want all of that to go to waste with a follow-up flop, duh! Anyways, I love love love the song! It's so catchy!

Last time in Gangnam Style, Hyuna (former Wonder Girl) of 4Minute, was the leading lady.
And now we have Ga In of Brown Eyed Girls!

Why her???
Ga In of Brown Eyed Girls. Abracadabra (2009)
Not only is she fierce and wayyyy sexy! But the dance itself came out during 2009 for B.E.G.'s Abracadabra! It was only right for them to have her on Psy's video! Besides, it's great having the awesome dance move come out again...but this time to the whole world! Yup, I've been in love with their song, dance, and look since forever! It was such a surprise they had Ga In collaborate with Psy!

From Abracadabra (2009) to Gentleman (2013)!

I just love this! I will be covering this dance very soon! Bwahaha XD
What do ya'll think about Psy comeback???

Thanks for reading!

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  1. you better cover it! I love the dance and song too. And yes, Ga In is so pretty :D It's another huge dance craze again !



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