What I Got on My Birthday: The 2015 Edition

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     I know my birthday was exactly a month ago and I'm sharing these only now! Sorry! Well, I'm not really here to brag... but I'm just so excited to receive these! My dad got my own tablet! Yay! It's the Samsung Tab 4, not as fancy as an iPad, but pretty good. I will review this for my Tech Tuesday tomorrow or another Tuesday. And I picked up my freebie from Sephora, which turned out to be better than the last two years. I can finally own something from Nars, hurrah! We spent my birthday at J-Pop Summit 2015, so the experience itself was a gift... especially because we stayed at Omni San Franciso. My younger sis and I paid for it, so my parents can enjoy being dragged out by their two kids to join another one of those dork conventions we love to go to, haha. I'm happy to cross the tablet off my wishlist. Which remind me that I'll need to organize a page post on my wishlist, so you & I know what I've already crossed out of it. 

Honestly, I've been having a rough time... But, it's a good life, isn't it? Let's all stay happy!

  Thanks for reading!

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