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     Hello everyone! So my latest original choreography is now up on my sister's youtube page! Woot! Woot! This was actually a project for her scholarship class with the dance club! Yes, currently president now. I stepped down the position, but remained as the overall director & choreographer still. We made it into last semester's main project for the club.  The concept should be in line with my sister's chosen theme "The Cabaret". But since we had only two girls at the moment, I kept the dance more on hip-hop with a huge splash of sexy. And despite not filming it in our originally selected location, the parking garage worked well. It was a little bright for a dark & sexy "cabaret-themed" dance (notice my sexy chair dance??), but we made use of what we had. 

Looking back... we filmed this about 16 weeks ago, right before my vacation to the Philippines!
Like my all black ootd? :D

And you want to know what made me super happy??
Simon Curtis, the artist of the song, commented on my sis' instagram post feat. a short clip of the video...
I am in awe that the he was pleased with what he saw! I'm so happy!

Check out my sister's youtube channel here.
Watch more of my dance videos here.

What did you think of my video?
  Thanks for reading!

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