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Okay, I admit... I've been using my old lenses for the longest time!
Not only were they old, but I have been starting to lose or damage them one by one. Sad, but it's time for a fresh new start! I scoured the web for well-known & reliable circle lens stores for weeks and finally decided to place a huge order (for me at least) on MAPLELENS. Actually, a couple of blogs I follow had experience dealing with the site and the fact that their had a slightly better prices than others. Ha! I'm still a student and I don't have that much funds. I used my paycheck from videography job last semester for this haul and so I hoped to it won't go to waste.

Here's my intial thoughts on the store as I unbox my haul!
Read on for my review on this store!

What I like:
  • Better prices than most stores.
  • Most lenses has grades available.
  • Good finds in the clearance section!
  • Free shipping for orders over $50.
  • Store has an "order status checker". Stay updated on how your order is being handled.
  • My order was shipped out the next day.
  • My order arrived 3 days later all the way from Malaysia. ($14 FedEx Int'l Shipping)
  • Bubble-wrapped goodness.
  • Came in a pretty pink box with a black cushion under.
  • No damage to any of the goods
  • Super cute and good quality lens cases included.

What I don't like:
  • Only carries Geo Medical, EOS & Vassen. If I were to repurchase again, it would be nice to have the choice of other brands.

Final thoughts:
Despite the store being all the way in Malaysia, I got my lenses fast and in good condition. Plus, the prices are quite good. I most will most likely re-purchase from them again!

I ordered my first EOS lenses and have no idea how it's going to work out for me. I ordered one pair from GEO MEDICAL, just in case!

Order your pair of lenses at

Thanks for reading!

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