Kyary Pamyu Pamyu @ San Francisco!

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Three days ago, Superstar/Super Model/Super Kawaii Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, came to San Francisco the second time around for her 2nd world tour!

Who is Kyary? She's a Japanese fashion icon who's music is sweeping the world. Cutesy yet grim, that's Kyary! She's known for her eclectic style and makes you want to go "what did I just see?!" but her charm and visual will surely keep you locked in! I first saw her during the JPOP SUMMIT last summer, when my sister entered the Japanese cover contest and won 2nd place. Anyways, the same sister of mine was responsible for finding out about her return to SF and made sure we went, thankfully! This concert was awesome! The place was packed with cosplayers, Jpop fans, otakus, and even kids with their parents. After watching her live the second time around, I'm glad I went! She is a must-see and worth it!

Here's my mini vlog with some short clips of Kyary's performance!
Continue reading for more on Kyary's concert in San Francisco!
View of The Regency Ballroom from Starbucks across the street.
We came in a group of five, so two of us went to Starbucks to chill for an hour. And to save our table (because it was packed), one stayed behind to save our spot in the line and the other two comes to Starbucks, take the table as we return to our lone friend waiting in line.
Taking our time sipping on something warm, charging my phone, and trying to pass time!
Three hours of waiting in the cold can be boring.

My messed up hair.
But being three hours early had our spot in the line pretty close to the street, not bad.
Maybe being five hours early will get us near the actual entrance next time?
The stage from my side (I'm on the right)! Kyary took all her toys all the way from Japan!
Since we came in only three hours before the concert, there was a bit of a line ahead of us already. Once we entered the premises, we searched for the best place to stand...
People going crazy as soon as the music starts.
We ended up at the side because it was much better than standing in the middle of a crowd. We were close to the stage and we had railings for support (for our bodies to rest on and our stuff to hang on to)! This became my most comfortable concert I've been to while standing up! Last time we were at this venue was for Dir En Gray. And OMG, the moshpit and crazy people from their opening act, Dagoba, left me bruised. That was one painful concert! And compared to that, our position during the KPP concert was heaven!
Kyary and her A-MA-ZING dancers!
You can tell they are kids but the way they move... is WOW! They definitely inspired me! You can tell that they're giving their all in the moves and their expressions. It'll make you so hyped up and happy!

Kyary's second outfit.

A hybrid of a beauty queen and a snowy sunshine princess!
I heard that she wore a long fluffy dress in her LA concert (the next night), instead of this. And her dancers wore bloomers with stockings, instead of the PJs. That probably was cuter but they still looked cute for their SF concert either way.
Ending the concert in her tour merchandise tee!
After the concert and getting the chance to have a picture with Kyary's toys.
Decided to put on my cat ears for the concert to match the dress-up mood of the environment, teehee!
Braced myself to somehow get thru the crazy crowd to buy a shirt!
 Amazingly, my sister and I managed to get through it pretty quick despite the crazy line (not pictures entirely)! People were nice enough to let us slip by with kind smiles on their faces. Plus, the people at the booth seemed to pay attention to us first despite just getting their, instead of helping out those who has already been there... hmmm. We must have looked good then? LOL!
$30  KPP Teal Shirt.
Get the app SIDESTEP to get 10% off your purchases, purchase the limited edition KPP shirt, and priority pick up (there was a booth specific for this) or to be shipped to your house.
I was unfortunate to have to think of buying the day before. Why? Pick up for San Francisco became unavailable. So buy ahead of time to save money!

The concert was sooo fun!
Not one moment of anything boring.
I love the music, style, and energy!
Kyary, Aishiteru!
Thanks for reading!

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