Club Lollipop @ the Anime Expo 2014 Dance Battles!

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Well, if you've been following me and my overflow of dance-related posts, my group "Club Lollipop" signed up for the Kpop & Jpop Dance Battles over at Anime Expo 2014. How is it a big deal? Anime Expo is the biggest anime/cosplay convention in the U.S.A. People from all over- not only in America- come to attend this humongous event! Plus, the convention is held in the heart of downtown Los Angeles! How big can this get?! Read on to see how Club Lollipop fare in these dance battles!

Day 2: The K-Pop Dance Battles Semi-Finals
July 4, 2014 - Friday
There were 20+ semi-finalists that passed the preliminary round via video entry. From 60+, Club Lollipop was selected to be a part of this event! Most of the people stuck to the hip-hop side of K-pop and there were only a few that went a sexy route, like us! Also, there were a lot of solos and mostly danced to songs that were new and familiar. Less than a handful, including us, used a song from pre-hallyu (era when K-pop was not popular outside Korea or in America). I also felt like were the only super colorful group because almost everyone went from black and white or all black. And that we were the only group that paid attention to getting dolled up... People may have thought we were "all fluff", but our skills got ourselves to move forward to the finals the next day! Weeew! Truthfully, I didn't think we would make it in the finals. Based on my experience from last year, I know there was only three finalists. So when they said entry number 20 as the first number to be a part of the finalists, we couldn't believe it. Sadly, other people were quiet about it too. Ha! I should have more faith in myself and my group! Anyways, I was overjoyed that we were in the list of finalists! Then suddenly, we were struck with worry. Not only did we have to practice for the J-pop dance, we have to decide what to perform for the finals and create blocking for it! Instead of partying that night, we went to the gym of our hotel (Residence Inn, LA Live) to practice until midnight!

Day 3 [12NN] : The J-Pop Dance Battle
July 5, 2014 - Saturday

The J-pop category of the dance battle was new/less popular to Anime Expo, which contradicts the convention. Anime is basically Japanese, so why is K-pop the main/bigger dance battle event compared to the J-pop one? Well, I guess because K-pop is currently widespread around the world, including LA. Anyways, the was less than ten contestants and again, Club Lollipop was in that list. Most of the contenders were dressed up with a cosplay theme or maid theme. At this event, Club Lollipop went black & white...and even got mistaken present for the K-pop competition (we were, but that's for later). We went the total opposite of the tide, once again..which made us stand out. Teehee. Anyways, WE WON FIRST PLACE! Yup, we were the declared winners of the first Anime Expo J-Pop Dance Battle! You know what's even more awesome? Some people went in the competition with fans and we didn't. But we got a really loud applause after our performance and an even louder cheer when we were announced as the winners. We aren't youtube famous (at the, but we were the team that no one expected to go on and take the gold! Who cares about subscribers and fans, when you lack in talent?! This is why I push everyone I train/teach really hard! And I'm thankful that my efforts and my team's efforts were noticed and paid off. Yup, we got compliments after the K-pop Semi-Finals around the convention and even more after the J-pop contest? Do we do this a lot??? Nope. But I love to perform on stage and will work hard to be as entertaining and worthy of the stage as possible! After winning this event, we had several pictures taken with our award and the special judge! She didn't mind all the posing, hehe! I will post it all in another blog post!

Day 3 [4PM]: The K-Pop Dance Battle Finals!
July 5, 2014 - Saturday

There was like a two-hour gap in between the J-pop & K-pop competition. And we were tired from the our J-pop performance. All we did right after was sit in front of the stage, take pictures, and  watch the other K-pop finalists practice their routines. We already knew how tough the K-pop finals will be so our hopes of winning were no longer present. But we did just want to have fun and show off one of our best (yet short) pieces. We realized that the finalists were pretty good and being in that list was enough for us, it was actually an honor! We were first up and the lighting was supposedly bad, but it's a good thing my dslr was prepared for it and made it work!

To all the people who are trying to put us down... HI THERE!
We didn't do anything wrong and simply gave our all in performing & competing.
And talent isn't based on the number of pre-made fans or promotional activities, remember that.

But I would like to thank everyone who cheered us on and complimented us.
We intend to work even harder!

 And a huge shout out to the people who I asked to operate my camera, so we could have our own video of our performance! Thank you so so so much!

Visit my channel for more dance videos:

We definitely had fun  performing & competing!
Most especially with the fact that it was in front of such a huge crowd! O.O
It was the first time of two my dancers, Cecy and Dioselene, competing ever and they got hooked on the rush of it all!
Expect more from us soon!

Thanks for reading!

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