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If you read my previous post, you'll know that my group, CLUB LOLLIPOP (2nd Generation), were working really hard for our second project! Now, I shall reveal our final product!

It was only this year that I came to be a super fan of AKB48! Yeah, I know... really late considering most of the "KANI 7" a.k.a top of the top girls of the group already graduated (Noooo! Acchan, Tomochin, Mariko, and just recently Yukoooooo!). I used to only be a hardcore K-POP fan, but I have grown tired of it. The overly sexy and perfect concepts has bore me... so when AKB48 was fully introduced to me, I fell in love with the imperfection, the cutesy concept, the importance of charisma, and the need to work hard in order to become center nova!!!

Anyways, JPOP SUMMIT which is held annually in San Francisco opened it's doors to an "ODOTTEMITA" Dance Contest. Usually, they had a dance contest only under the Vocaloid type, which, in my opinion, is definitely not my style at all. My sister, Gabby, who joined last year's JPOP IDOL contest and won second place, was pushing me to join last year's event, but it was hard for me to understand and interpret that type of dance. Plus, I was busy with Choreology doing hardcore hip-hop for World of Dance Bay Area 2013. Going back to the present, JPOP SUMMIT's new kind of dance contest is more open to different styles of dance which includes AKB48's idol/girl group dance. First, I asked my friends from the club if they would like to join in a rare opportunity to compete. And then I picked the song BEGINNER by AKB48 which had a hip-hop feel to their song and choreography.

With my wonderful friends who were either dancers or the support team at the end of filming day.

Right after finals, we started practices from 2PM (really really hot time of the day) until 8PM (right when the sun sets) at a local park. We had problems with some people not being able to come everyday, but we did it! After seven days of practice, we were able to make this cover! We filmed on the 8th day, by the way.

Please support us by viewing and liking our video

And also, liking and commenting words of encouragement on JPOP SUMMIT's post on us will definitely increase of chance of performing/competing next month at San Francisco! Please help us!

We worked really hard an so we hope to be able to perform live!
And watch out for version two!!! 
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Good luck!!!! You're guys are great! Hope you'll win ♥♥
    More powers to you and your group :D


Thanks for the love! <3