Halloween Night Dance & Song Cover MV!

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     It's the day after Halloween 2015 and I still love this song, Halloween Night by AKB48! If you haven't seen it yet, I've actually gone and uploaded two different versions of the songs already (Club Lollipop and my solo). But this is the project that I've been looking forward to! We've gotten costumes for it and everything. And this was actually filmed more than a month ago, but due to external factors, Gabby (my sister who did the song cover) couldn't record asap and we only filmed her singing part right after our school's Monster Ball the other day! 

     Take note that the dance was filmed a month ago... and we seem to be a little fluffier then, haha! But oh well, you work with what you got! This was a really fun video for me. I like the cutesy dance, filming with our boys of the Hartnell Dance Club and even putting the video together! This is definitely the first time I've been so excited for Halloween and did something about it! Great job to AKB48, they gave Rino Sashihara another good single like her last one, Koisuru Fortune Cookie (we did a video on that one here, too!). I'm slightly sad that we won't be using this song till the next Halloween, haha! It was fun and I hope you enjoyed watching the video!

Check out my solo version here.
Club Lollipop's version at Las Vegas here.

Gabby's singing channel:

My dance channel:

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