Geo Nudy Gray from the Red Jhelli Shop!

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Hey Guys!
If you read my last post, ya'll know I just got my hands on my first win goodies! Yeah! Well, I've teased you all about what I got from the Red Jhelli Shop... and here it is! One of the perks of the package I picked out was the chance to select a pair of lenses from the Red Jhelli Shop's current inventory... and this was what I was definitely after amongst the prize packages! I love love love contact lenses! I used to purchase a lot a year ago until I thought I've had way too much. I'm glad these babies came in time when I need a fresh new pair once again!

So, here's was what the lenses came in with... 
Pretty nifty packaging!

The lenses were anchored really well inside the box  it came in and the rest were all neatly packed in a plastic pocket. You've got your lenses, lens case, instruction manual, your customer/return policy paper, and a Red Loyalty Card (discount!!!) for the next purchase! Really creative, functional, and neatly done! Two thumbs up because I know that this package traveled a lot and really far before it got me and yet, the goods are still in great condition!

Geo Magic Color Soft Contact Lens: Nudy Gray.
Geo Magic Color Soft Contact Lens in Nudy Gray [CH-625].
Brand : Geo
Origin: South Korea
Diameter : 14mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Geo Magic Color Soft Contact Lens in Nudy Gray [CH-625].
 Daylight. No flash. No eye makeup.

Geo never fails to be so comfortable! Even if this was newly opened, I immediately rinsed it with contact lens solution and wore them... no discomfort, teary eyes and whatsoever! The lenses also gives the mysterious moon-like eyes look which I am loving so much!

The overall look...
Geo Magic Color Soft Contact Lens in Nudy Gray [CH-625].
 Flash. With eyeliner.

Thank you once again to Kikaysimaria and the Red Jhelli Shop
I definitely love my prize!

Happy Holidays ya'll!

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  1. looks great! and I want to try out that shop :D

  2. They look really nice on you! Ah if only I didn't have issues with Geo. I really like Red Jhelli's logo.

  3. Hi Vyvy! That's great but they're in the Philippines, though!

    Hi MissFeelo! Why??? What happened??? And yup, it looks pretty cool! ^_^

  4. Those look really great! I want to get myself a pair cause I LOVE grey lenses.

  5. Thank you, Kassidy! Go get a pair! Teehee :)))

  6. cute contacts!:) love it! i also use contact lens with grade but i've only tried brown color accents and the black one. i've never tried to wear the designed ones but i might as well try coz it looks good pala!:)

    visit and follow my fashion and style blog with my sisters too:)

  7. Yay for no tears or discomfort!
    that's always a great thing because I know a lot of the time people say they're a little uncomfortable the first time you wear it or they try your eyes out


  8. Hi Tricia! Yup, you should try them out! :)))

    Hi Dana! Yup! Thanks for dropping by, beautiful! :)


Thanks for the love! <3