Christmas 2011.

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Hey guys!
Sorry for the lack of blogging! I've been busy lately because my family hosted our clan's Christmas Party this year! I actually missed out on this event last year because I was in the Philippines for school... Anyways, my mum wanted everything nice and "perfect"... But I'm glad it's over and done with!

Beauty-related Christmas gift I received?
Sephora Perfecting Cover Concealer in Medium Beige #25.
This was an exchange gift with my little sister... We were shopping at Sephora so we could get joint gifts for our parents and our older sister then she told me if I could find anything under $20, she would get it for me. How sweet right?? But I was like, if you get me something... I have to get you something as well! She said I didn't have to...but I insisted. So it turned out to be as if we bought stuff for ourselves! LOL. She picked out a Sephora lipgloss while I picked out this Sephora Perfecting Cover Concealer. Why? Well, I know that I will soon be running low on my HG Amazing Cosmetics Concealer but I didn't want to spend for it! The AmazingConcealer is $28 for 6ml while this Sephora Concealer is just $16 for 15ml!!! Big difference right? I just hope it could be as great, though. I'll review this later!

Anyways, I also got a cute bag from the Secret Santa my cousins and I did... and I got a new phone!!! Its a Samsung Galaxy S... an android! Yay! No need for the iTouch I wanted! So now I get to upload more stuff via mobile.. like the Christmas tree up there! It's real pine and decorated by my photographer sister, Roxx. Pretty nice, huh?? LOL.

Here's a picture of our chocolate fountain that night... 

I've been jogging again because the Taekwondo school is closed for the holidays and all the Christmas food has plumped me up! Seriously, chocolate & sugar overload! Noooo!

More posts coming soon!
Hope you're enjoying the last days of this year!
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  1. Merry Christmas to you! Gahhhhh I'm in love with that choco fountain!!! xx

  2. omg that chocolate fountain has successfully made me crave chocolate strawberries!! MMMMMM

  3. @cbsg5861 & @MissFeelo: teeheehee ^_^

  4. i could drink up that chocolate :P

  5. Mau! Good for you! I wish I could without getting fat XD


Thanks for the love! <3