KPOP MONDAYS: Yoon Jong Shin "The First"

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Yoon Jong Shin (윤종신) "The First" (ft. Tablo) KPOP MV REACTION VIDEO by beekyoote.

     Okay, so usually everything I have to say about a kpop mv is in our video nowadays. But I got a comment about why I picked this song to react to because it isn't popular in Korea. First of all, it was one of the newest mvs that came out during the time we filmed this. Second, out of everything, Tablo played a big role in it. And to our surprise, this song is really good! I don't care if it isn't popular! Usually songs that come out nowadays are all the same and has no art in it. It's almost factory made... while this song by Yoon Jong Shin... feels like art as portrayed in their mv. Popularity doesn't mean quality. It's sad that this is the trend nowadays... I can say this about so many things other than this bomb mv.

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