Kpop Cover: Big Bang's Bad Boy (Female POV)

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Big Bang. Bad Boy. Alive.
Hey guys!
So my lil sis & cousins came up with a new Kpop cover and this time it's with Big Bang's Bad Boy!

Watch Big Bang's Bad Boy MV!

And now for our home made English cover of Big Bang's Bad Boy in the Females' Point of View!

My sister and cousins have been always fond of Kpop and have done a few covers as well...
And this time there a huge contest going on and they need likes to get it...

So, if you're all feeling nice... I'd really appreciate it you'd take the time to LIKE this video! XD

Here's how:
  1. Visit:
  2. Select BAD BOY & DATE ADDED
  3. Search for this video by "gAbbyrOckzz" on page 17!
  4. Click LIKE! (no account needed!)

Where to select BAD BOY & DATE ADDED.

Your support is much appreciated! Mwuahhh ♥

We started in the afternoon up till 2 or 3 am in the morning filming this! You can guess that I was really tired after we were done!

Here are some pictures during & in between filming...
My lil sis, Gabby! (gAbbyrOckzz)
Cyril wearing my pink Ray Bans & Red Elmo Fitted Hat! :D
Cyril & Carmela just chilling at the loft.
Looking down from the loft watching the kids block for the video.
After the shoot...
Carmela & Gabby. (from Carmela's Instagram)

And finally! With a picture of me! XD
Looking that way >.> Cyril accidentally pushed Carmela XD (from Gabby's webcam)

The director, camera person, & video editor is none other than my awesome older sister, Roxx Luzada. I, on the other hand, helped with the makeup on Carmela and did illuminating of the people in shot! LOL. Yeah, I did the lighting...  In fact, YOU MAY CATCH ME IN THIS VIDEO IF YOU LOOK CLOSE ENOUGH... HAHAHAHA XD

For more Kpop covers by my little sister, check out her youtube channel:
To see more work done by my older sister, Roxx, check out her blog:

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  1. Hi ! Mind if I share my cover here ? That is my first cover .....Cover more songs !! and share it here ..I will listen to urs for sure !!


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