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     The hip-hop duo and hyungs of Big Bang are back with an awesome single! And I think it may have been about 10 years since I they were in the scene? Well, they stopped making music for sure when Big Bang debuted, that's for sure (or so I think). Anyways, these guys (along with 1TYM & Se7en) were one of the moneymakers of YG Entertainment back in the day. Think old school rap, these guys were top notch. Anyways, their new song is really fun! It incorporates the new and old. It's definitely relevant to today with the old school feel. I just feel happy listening to it! 

Watch it here:

Read on to see what else I think about their song! ^^

Bobby of iKon is appears in the video! Ahh cutie!

YG Trainee, Jang Han Na, is also a featured vocal in the song.
     I thought the layout of her parts sounded like it was meant for Park Bom, who I think would have been a better girl for the job. Not to mention the style, too! But because of so much drama, Bom is still hiding out. We miss you, Bom! Come back! Nonetheless, this girl was okay. She could use more charisma onstage and if she could actually do the moves right in performances... but, yeah, she's cute. Not bad.

And I love the dance moves, too!
Simple and fun!

YG said that they need to be number one in any chart in order for them to release a whole album. Ugh, this is why I hate YG right now. It's all about the money....too much! Anyways, I hope you also support this awesome duo! You won't regret it!
Is it me or they look even better and younger now??? XD
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