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Hey guys!
I've just been awarded by my fellow blogger, the pretty Mitch of mitchlists!

 I'm extremely ecstatic that my new blog has come to deserve an honor! Anyways, I'm so happy that Mitch decided to put me on her list to share such love! Thank you!

The rules are simply are as follows:

Just thank and link the person who awarded you then write 7 random things about yourself. Spread the love to 15 other bloggers.

I think this is a cool concept that you can finally get to know a little something something about your blogger friends.... right??! Anyways, here I go!

1. I used to be a competitive taekwondo player & artist but had to put my dreams away when I went to the Philippines for nursing school.

2. I love to dance! I've done cheerleading & hip-hop all through out college. Yes, I even trained the dancers & choreographed for school competitions... teehee!

3. I can seem very snobbish (mataray) when people don't know me only because I'm quiet & I have a tendancy to look like that when I think... In truth, I just want to get a long & have fun with everybody... I'm just really shy! (I promise to be rid of this & just do it! haha)

4. My right eyelid has no eyefold & doing eyeliner is the most difficult part of doing makeup. It takes me awhile to line both my eyes the same way! BOO!

5. I really want to get into the beauty blogging thing but I'm afraid I lack a lot of skills.

6. I moved back to California, USA after I graduated from nursing but my blog is still dedicated to all Filipinas.

7. I was a fitness buff before but now I'm just one big lazy bum! I need inspiration to get back in shape! HAHA.

And oh, let me share some pictures as well!

 Taekwondo Days.
That's me sparring! I'm in blue!
My gold & silver medals... Its been such a long time!

Dancing Days.
Junior year. PNSA 2009.
One of the times, I represented my school for the Philippine Nursing Students Association's Hip Hop dance competition. 
I was also the choreographer.

I hope those pictures entertained you a bit! Haha. I also thought it would make this post a little bit more interesting & maybe personal... TEEHEE <3

And now I chose the following lovely people to share the honor:

Rock on, lovelies!


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  1. whoa! you're such a talented babe! lemme give you a big HUG! haha~ i used to dance when i was in highschool but i mom is such a conservative woman, but it was my decision not to continue :) teach me how to kick girl! yaaah!!! LOL! thanks for the award dear! i have to dig my 'baul' so i can share pictures too.hope it's not that embarrassing or else i'm gonna quit blogging...kidding! heart you! <3

  2. @Locke.

    AWWWWWWWW! THANKS FOR THE HUG! I'm so blushing right now! HAHA. Anyways, I'm sure you still got your dancing talent in you... I can teach you how to kick but I'm quite rusty...and HEAVY right now! YEAH! GO dig your baul! I'd love to see your pictures.. And don't you dare quit blogging! haha. heart you, too! <3 <3 <3

  3. Oh..I like most of your list but I missed adding photos, glad u made it. Thanks you appreciated. We should never dare piss you off otherwise we want a taekwondo kick..hehe. lol..

  4. you remind me much of Hwoarang plus Christie Montero (both from Tekken). :D
    Girl Power for the WIN! XD

    Thanks much for the award! <3

  5. @Mitch

    Haha. It was a last minute thing adding the pictures... just to make it a little entertaining. I don't think anyone here will piss me off! haha... and I am rusty as heck right now so my kick wouldn't as much as before. HAHA. Thank you again for the award! <(^_^)>

    How cool! I always wanna be like them! haha. looks like I have to torture myself again! And yeah!! GIRL POWER! :D And oh, you're very much welcome! Keep blogging! ^___^

  6. yay! enjoyed reading this post haha.. you're so talented! galing!
    love all those cutte photos.. super cuute!
    thank you for this my bee! mmuah! sweet sweet! tenchooo!

  7. @Diane

    Thank you!!! But I have yet to master makeup like you!!! thanksss for accepting as well!!! yay!!! mwaaaaahhh! <3 <3 <3

  8. i know this reply is super late, but thank u! :)

  9. hi mia! its fine! you're welcome! <3


Thanks for the love! <3