E.L.F. Studio Line Powder Brush

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E.L.F's Studio Line Powder Brush
Product Desrciption:
This new anti bacterial, synthetic haired Taklon brush is softer and more absorbent and can be used with wet or dry products. Be a professional makeup artist and create a flawless look with this e.l.f. studio brush!
-Creates a professional sculpted look
-Full coverage color
-Use for powder or blush for perfect contouring
*Vegan Friendly
Price: $3
Description taken from here.

This very dense flat top brush does not shed, bleed, nor does it hurt my face! The bristles are soft yet firm and is able to maintain its original shape even after washing it a few times. As the description stated, this brush definitely may be used for both powder and liquid foundation! I've used it with my Rimmel liquid foundation and it did great for "Stippling" to a flawless finish!  It can pick up a lot of product for full coverage without much effort, as well. And finally, the product itself looks very chic and far from a stereotypical cheap-product-look!

What I don't like about this brush? Nothing really... with an exception to when I pat it too strong against my compact powders which then causes a mess.
E.L.F. Studio Line Powder Brush on my MAC Skinfinish Natural.
But then again, that would be my fault for not being gentle when I know it can pick up so much already with a much lesser force!

Basically! I love this brush! You get a great quality chic brush for just $3! 
Would I repruchase? 
I definitely would for reasons of when this brush eventually breaks down or when I decide to do other people's makeup.

I think this is available in the Philippines at SM Malls. Unfortunately, the prices are jacked up to approximately 300PHP or more (for the E.L.F Studio Line). Despite the huge price inflation, I would definitely buy this over the 900PHP Barenaturals brush I bought back then! That brush never felt it was worth the price since the beginning... But what did I know? I was a newbie makeup lover back then who was so obsessed on getting herself a really good Stippling Brush! I spent a major portion of my allowance just to buy that piece of trash back then! All you students out there, you feel me right???! HAHA. Click here to read what happened to that brush after 9 months of special treatment and being rarely used.

If I was mistaken about its availability in SM beauty sections, there are online shops in the Philippines that have this either on-hand or for pre-order.  Just check multiply sites & ebay, I saw a bunch when I was in the Philippines. ^_^

I hope you guys like my pictures! I've started taking my own product shots with my own camera (its not a dslr like my sister's)! I definitely hope I am improving my blogging skills... TEEHEE!

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