Win from Canada! Yay!

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Hey Guys!
Let me share with you the goodies I won from the gorgeous Filomena a.k.a Miss Feelo of Filosophie! I'm not the type to win a lot but I do actually win sometimes... which makes me feel very happy! So let me share them with you all!

Liole Hydropeel Foam Cleanser, L'cret Miracle Magic Lipstick, a lot of Lioele samples & KitKat!

So much Korean goodies! I haven't tried Lioele before... I'm so happy for the chance to experience this! TEEHEE. I love the extra things she put in as well! And the letter... it should seriously be me sending the "thank you card"! XD 

By the way, Miss Feelo! I know my nick name "Bee" is so far from my actual name so it's okay to stick to this. Teehee. Again, thank you very much!

Here's her post on the giveaway: 

Check her out! 
She's a very awesome beauty & fashion blogger from Canada!
Here's her blog:  

Thanks for reading!

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  1. <333 IT TOOK SO MUCH FOR ME NOT TO EAT THAT KIT KAT BAR, JUST SAYIN'. Let me know how you find the lipstick.. I want to try it for myself too! haha

    1. I Love love love sweets... so thanks for not eating it! LOL.
      WIll do! Thank yooooouuuuuuuu again & again! <333

  2. Wow. You got some real nice goodies!


Thanks for the love! <3