Urban Decay's Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color

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Urban Decay's Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in PUNCH DRUNK.

Hey guys!  So here's the review of the 2nd gift I received from my sistarrs....

What it is:
Urban Decay's creamiest, most sumptuously pigmented lip pencil.
What it does:
This formula delivers all the opaque, saturated, high-impact color of your favorite lipstick and an arresting high-gloss finish in one chubby pencil. And with a dynamic bright to deep shade range in creamy and sparkly textures, the runway-ready possibilities are endless. Even the glittery hues in this collection of high-gloss lip pencils feel smooth on your lips (and leave not a trace of sparkle grit). This conveniently portable pencil's high-gloss shine can be blotted for a more stain-like effect, but no matter how you wear it, the color lasts. Free of mineral oil and paraffin, this formula contains plant-derived ingredients that nourish lips. Because the barrels and boxes are color-matched to each shade, locating the color you want is easy, even in the deep, dark depths of an oversize tote. 

Size: 0.32 oz
Price: $18

 Description taken from here.

Urban Decay's Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in PUNCH DRUNK.

 What I like:
  • Extremely pigmented! One swipe and you get what you need.
  • Glides on so smoothly. 
  • Moisturizing. Does not accentuate dry patches on the lips.
  • Lasts pretty well when I'm not clumsy. LOL.
  • It's a fat lip pencil.

What I don't like:
  • Price. 
  • Will smear off instantly if you apply too much lip balm or jelly prior to this.

     The color Punch Drunk is such a shocking orange color! I love it! I was obsessing over finding a great orange lipstick when I was in the Philippines and I thought I have found it...until I received this wonderful present! If you're not a fan of the shocking factor of the color, I suggest you apply a little bit on your lips and smooth it out all over, for a more subtle look.

     So is it worth the price? Well, I'm actually not too sure about that. Yes, it is a great product but if there was a more affordable alternative that will provide the same quality... why not??! Would I repurchase this? Luckily this was a present! But if I had the resources and have all my essentials met (foundation & tools), I would probably get the color Big Bang!!!

BEE: Urban Decay's Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Punch Drunk.
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  1. the shade looks great on you! :D so pretty naman!~

  2. Nice review! :)


  3. perfect for you girl but would it be okay with me? I have chapped lips though..hehe

    Nice orange lip color..

  4. nice review!! love the shade too!!!



  5. @ Mitch
    How chapped are your lips, sis? Its really moisturizing so it might be fine for you. I actually had some "loose skin" on my lips on my picture above but it wasn't the type to make it stand out or be plain terrible because of it.

    Thanks for reading sis ^_^

  6. @Jess

    Hello! Thank you! Thank you! You're ganda yourself too! Teehee ^_^

  7. love your photos.. clear and crisp!!!
    and the orange shade is wearable enough.. love it too!
    can't find the right orange lippie for me.. but i'll definitely check this ^^ *winks* Thanks for sharing! kisses

  8. @Diane
    Teehee. I try hard for pictures like that... so THANK YOU!!! Sometimes my sister would help me out with her dslr like most of the pictures up there.
    I hope you find the orange lippie for you!
    Thanks for reading! <3 <3 <3


Thanks for the love! <3