Travel: Summer 2011 Teaser at Caramoan.

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Cotivas Island, Albay, Caramoan, Philippines. 
Hey Guys!
It's been requested that I do more travel posts... and it's a good thing I've got loads to post up from last year! So on this cold Sunday night, let me tease you with a some shots of my trip with my parents and cousins last April (nearly one year ago!) to the hidden secret of Albay, Philippines.

 Cotivas Island
one of the places you need to see when you go island-hopping over at Caramoan.
Cotivas Island, Albay, Caramoan, Philippines.
 A tiny hut in the middle of the island where the caretaker stays to lookout as visitors come and go.
Okay... so now you'll be seeing shots I took of my cousins enjoying the island.
 This island has the prettiest shells! 
And yes, my cousins are looking around for some to take home.

We had the island all to ourselves and there was a lot of space to go crazy!
 So much fun under the sun!

It's my turn!

Credits to my mum for capturing my jump shot!
She took it all the way from the boat to stay out of the sun :D

If you can't already tell it was blazing hot... I loaded myself with sunblock and saved myself from a painful sunburn (unlike my poor cousins) but I still tanned a lot because of embracing the sun too much during that trip. Anyways, it was all worth it! The scenery of Caramoan is so amazing, so serene, and so heavenly! But this island had the best sand out of all the islands, as far as I can remember. And out of all the islands in Caramoan, Cotivas is definitely my favorite!

I hope to once again see paradise soon...

Thanks for reading! 

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