My Eyeglasses History.

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Hey guys!
Its been awhile again...but I'm back to share with you my eyeglasses! Yes! I actually have to have some sort of corrective lens in order to see well!

Before getting eyeglasses, I would have problems of not recognizing friends who were approaching me... they had to hold me on my shoulders and say "hey!" to get my attention! Crazy huh? My grade isn't that bad but bad enough for me not seeing that clearly. I was forced to get my first pair when I was in my 2nd year of nursing school in the Philipines (2008) when I suddenly had a hard time doing demonstrations for the class because I couldn't see well. I was reprimanded for that and the next day I was off to the eye doctor.

Excuse the low quality pics! But this is all I have from those days because most of my pictures
were wiped out! I am fortunate, however, to have these two pics because they were taken when I was selecting my first ever pair at the Legazpi Eye Center! Yup, I took the pictures to see if I'd like this on myself and was never intended to be shown to the public nor blogged about! HAHAHA. Anyways, it was down to the thick black Criza frames on the left or the white Hang Ten ones on the right. The black ones were indeed bigger but the white ones where wider and had beautiful silver details on its sides... Can you guess which one I got?? I ended the white ones! Yay! I found it very unique compared to the usual black ones, it was in fact the only white framed glasses in the whole shop! I also thought that it would make my nerdy-ness & dorkiness look cool. LOL. I loved that pair a lot!

My next and last pair of corrective of glasses I got because my sister wanted a new pair. I was on my 4th year of nursing school still in the Philippines (2010) while she was in the U.S. She wanted me to get her a new pair from our usual eyeglasses provider, they have a record of her prescription even if she's not around to order them for herself!

Now, these photos I've uploaded in Facebook for the eyes of my mum & sisters only... that's how we communicated on what glasses she would be selecting but now I'm sharing it with you guys :P

These were the glasses that caught my eye on that day! On the left picture, I was looking at the black glasses in the middle because it looks really big compared to most! On the middle picture, we have the the thick framed wayfarer eyeglasses by Rayban which costs P4,800+ ($150+). And on the right one, thin wayfarer type glasses all from Alter Ego which only cost P1,200 ($20+)!

I actually went ahead and tried one of the Alter Ego wayfarer glasses. Excuse the haggardness, it must have been the combination of lack of sleep and just coming from gym, since the gym is located behind the eye center. Oh yeah, I've already dyed my hair black here due to adherence to our nursing curriculum's rules! Noooo! HAHA.

I ended up purchasing the Rayban wayfarer glasses for my sister. But it was only after I got her's made when I realized I wanted the pair I tried on as well! Its cheap and way cool! No one in the city had those yet as far as I saw then. LOL.

The glasses up there may look terrible because of the glare but its only because the lenses are just plastic... You have the option of getting regular lenses which would have that glare or the anti-UV lenses which doesn't have that ugly glare which costs P1500 ($25). We always get the anti-UV lenses, not only does it look better especially in flash photos but it protect your eyes on a daily basis & when using your computer.

Legazpi Eye Center. Legazpi City, Philippines.
If you live in Legazpi City, Bicol, Philippines or anywhere near that... Legazpi Eye Center is located on the building to the right of Pacific Mall Legazpi. The place is big enough and the people are nice as far as I can remember! I can stay there for a long time trying on glasses without feeling weird!

So, its been more than two years since I got those glasses! The top picture on this blog post was from July last year... and this one from April of last year as well. I still use this pair until now especially when driving! You can imagine how beaten up these glasses are by now... its been with me everywhere! I unfortunately lost my white ones and I was fond of them, as well.

But I think its time for a change... yup, I definitely think I need new glasses! XD

Do you wear glasses? 
Do you think wearing them is cool or plain nerdy?

Thanks for reading!

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