Disregarding the Fortune Cookie...

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So yesterday, my dad & I went out to eat some Pho' at a Vietnamese restaurant called Noodle House.

 I got myself a Mango flavored Pearl Shake or Bobba. It reminds me of my craze for Zagu during my college days! I swear, everytime I go Pacific Mall Legazpi, I would always get myself one in their largest size. Anyways, so yeah... drinking that brought back memories of that time!

Our main meal was this, ofcourse...
It really is so yummy!
I forgot to ask my dad this is called... but I'm sure it's real Vietnamese Pho'!

Here's the fortune I got from last night's dinner!
"You shouldn't overspend at the moment. Frugality is important."
My past posts have mostly been about hauls... which I do promise to review on in the near future. I guess this was a sign for me to stop with all the "hauling", hahaha.

But right after dinner, my dad said that we go in K-Mart. Nope, it's not like the ever so popular "K-Mart" in Legazpi where you buy some Korean goodies! K-Mart here is a large discount store much like Walmart. We never really shop at K-Mart but it was the closest department store around and I thought I'd take a look at their makeup section as I wait for my dad. Much to my surprise, K-Mart is pretty well-stocked! And unlike most store, the products are "untouched". Some people like to be rude and open packaging of the makeup, creating a mess! Ugggh! Quite annoying, for real! I took a good look at the E.L.F. section and I was in awe... They had most of the Essential Line, quite a number of their Studio Line, and their newest line! I haven't seen suck stocks in any other store and so, I couldn't resist!

My latest haul!
Eye Lips Face Haul.
While the Essential Line costs $1 each and the Studio Line for $3, this line costs $2 a piece!

Sorry to the fortune of my fortune cookie... I didn't come through! I know I said my last haul will be the last, but I failed! But yay for my beloved blog! This is great! But seriously though, Beauty Blogging is one expensive hobby! HAHA.

I will definitely blog about these later!

Thanks for reading!

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