PUCK'D: A Mid Summer Night's Dream Remixed!

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Hey Guys!
Sorry if I've been away for awhile... I've been busy with school lately! Yup, my picture above is actually school-related! What thou see is our interpretation of what a fairy is in our modern day "A Mid Summer Night's Dream". I'm actually a dark raver fairy, hahaha. Let me share some pictures with you all!

 Instead of the usual long spam of pictures I usually do, I went with putting most of them in a collage for you all. TEEHEE. These are a mix of running lines before rehearsals, during rehearsals, before the shows, and after the shows!

Basically, the students from last semester took Shakespeare's words and made it their own... so yeah, it wasn't a PG-13 show. There was a lot of slang, cussing, and even Spanish since this is California, haha.

I only attended school this semester, so I didn't get a big role or anything like that but because they've seen my dancing skills from Beginning Acting class (which I did for the mandatory talent show), I was recommended to choreograph our fairy raver dance. They were expecting an 8-second dance from me which I made to a full minute's worth of my crazy dancing. I even got my younger sister and cousin to join me in this project!

Here's one of my favorite scenes! I shot this when at our last tech night... MEHEHE :3

The lion is my cuzzo, who doubles as a fairy and a larper in the play.
I hope you found this funny! ^_^

I can definitely say that, I've had so much fun being a part of this production. I got to choreograph, dance, act, direct a little bit, sing, and do really funky makeup! And also, meeting cool new people was a plus! I'm so happy to have returned to college while waiting for my papers to process! I'm really getting in touch with my creative side, once again!

I will be sharing with you all my fairy dance soon along with the makeup I used for the play!
Watch out for that!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. wow! this is cute! we've done this also when I was in college. I played as puck :p

    -Dita Peron


Thanks for the love! <3