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CL + Jeremy Scott + Paper Magazine
     The same magazine that released the internet-breaking & butt-popping-champagne pictures by Kim K has hailed Kpop's bad girl, CL, as queen with Jeremy Scott as king wearing Moschino. Doesn't she look soooo ready to slay the world? Well, she has been making a big splash outside Korea and her MV for Doctor Pepper probably shocked the Kpop World. Did I like it? Yes, I did. I liked it way better than the Wonder Girls' performances of their reboot comeback wherein they try to sell feign playing instruments (I am a fan of WG but not this comeback).

Watch the queen's video here:

     Yes, it may be a little hard to swallow at first. The middle fingers, the girls... But I guess this is queen CL showing her royal blood and not to mess with her. Besides, this is her. She's always been that bad girl that the Korean media cannot handle and, therefore, had to be told to tone it down (yup, happened in her "Fire" debut). But, as she said in "Bad Girl" song, she's that bad girl but not really bad... meaning, this could just be here style...but it doesn't apply to her life (trashy & whatnot). She's too classy to be a drug-infused hoe anyways (or so I hope she won't become in a couple of years). She stills seem pretty grounded to her roots, also. I guess I like her because she does what she wants and she can stand by it, but not let that totally define her. Like how I like being "sexy" in performances, but not mean that I'm like that in all aspects in my life. Do you understand me? No? Okay, lol. 

What did you think about the video?
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