UtaPrince Sama OTOYA Cosplay Unboxing

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     Okay, so this is an unusual video. The setting is right before dance practice last Friday. And my sister, Gabby, won a XL UtaPrince OTOYA Cosplay set from J-Pop Summit's J-Pop Idol this year... and since we have a SECRET project coming soon, we decided to let our buff friend, Jimmy, fit it. 

Watch our crazyness here:

     The costume amounts to about $100 or more! I think it is pretty good quality, but (as our friend complained) maybe made for the typical Asian. The length is good, but if you're muscle-heavy like him, it can be tight even if it is an XL. Btw, we like to tease him because he takes working out seriously, lol. All in all, pretty good. He just needs the wig and contacts, haha.

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Watch Gabby's performance at the J-Pop Idol Contest here.

Btw, do you cosplay?
What's your favorite character to cosplay?
Thanks for reading!

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