Irregular Choice x Star Wars @ JapanLA

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    You've seen me post about JapanLa twice on my blog because I've seen their work during Anime Expo 2015 here & here. I, honestly, got very interested in their pieces and have been following them ever since. If you like cute and fashionable pieces... and even Star Wars, JapanLa has an awesome collaboration between Irregular Choice and Star Wars up since October 30th! Read on to see my top 6 choices!

Irregular Choice x Star Wars @ JapanLA

(1) Skywalker Star Wars Heels - $323 (2) Star Wars Poster Snapback - $21 (3) R2D2 Star Wars Heels - $300 (4) R2D2 Dome Purse - $70 (5) Tatooine Star Wars Heels - $346 (6) Darth Vader Embossed Backpack - $62

     The shoes are insanely expensive, but aren't they just amazing?! Yes, the price is crazy, but where do you find heels like these really??! I think this is a perfect way to show your fandom while looking incredibly fashionable. 

Check out the rest of the collection here.
More on Irregular Choice here.
More of JapanLA here.

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  1. Spotted a storm trooper and R2D2. I want one. Huhu. | Spices & Everything Nice


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