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     It's been four months since Anime Expo 2015 and my interview with rockstar drummer, SHINYA of DIR EN GREY, is finally up on VKH Press! Hurrah! There's also a giveaway going on, so go on and read all about it HERE. But if you want to check out my personal thoughts about this whole experience, read on!

     I guess this will be really quick since there has been a gap since AX2015 and now (because I'm barely recalling these events... but I do remember being so tired! It's not everyday you meet these kinds of people everyday and although I slowly worked my way up (first Junnyan, and the Hirooka Naoto) to finally getting to interview Shinya, it was still an experience! I think I took my job way to seriously... I kept my inner fan girl locked away and was on business mode. I guess not being able to express my constant excitement did tire me out. Shinya was definitely well taken care of (hair & makeup) and was, indeed, serious... and even though I was told that I could only have a few minutes with him, he surprisingly went in detail with his answers (whether or not it showed in the final interview post). At first, they allowed me to take pictures... but I was honestly not very comfortable with the heavy dslr I lugged with me and what seem like I was given a time limit, I used my phone for pictures. After taking a couple of shots, he went ahead to take a look the pictures with my phone on hand... and I watched him swipe away (while standing right beside me) until he picked out one he liked. My inner fan girl seem to have died at that moment, lol. Of course, I kept it very cool. But sadly, the management decided to send pictures for the article instead and asked for the phone pictures to be deleted. And that was it! I was also able to see him at the press conference with H. Naoto after and a pretty good view of him break into the runway during the fashion show the next day. All in all, one tiring & exciting day for a fan girl at heart, haha.

Do read my interview with Shinya and don't forget to join the giveaway to win his autograph (as seen down below) HERE
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