Christian's Shoot.

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Christian's Shoot at Lover's Point, Monterey Bay, Ca.
So if you've been reading my posts long enough you probably know that my sister has her thing in photography... Most of the time, my little sister and I tag along to help her out in her gigs. We help her out with lighting, ideas on posing, and even dragging the equipment everywhere! LOL. Well, let me share some behind-scenes-stuff of a shoot from a few months back!

 Meet Christian!
He's a high school senior like my cousin, Carmela. 
And as a senior, it is mandatory to submit professional portrait shots for the yearbook!
Lower years only get to use their I.D. pictures, so its pretty special getting these shots done right!

This is me "styling" him!
And these were candid shots! I didn't know my cousin was shooting away at all!
And oh, doesn't he look adorable???! Teehee :P

Christian posing for my sister and her camera while my younger sister "illuminates" him. I had the "first shift" of "illuminating" Christian before my younger sister took the "second shift", by the way. LOL.

 And this is me, again! 
I had the "second shift" of carrying ALL the luggages along with stepping stool we brought along.
Carmela, took a second to click her camera at me as I sat there watching them.

Anyways, here's one more shot of Christian!
Isn't he GQ material??? So freaking cute, right???! HAHA :D

Visit my sister's blog for more awesome pictures:

By the way, I was using the Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation on my face here. Great coverage and it matches my tan body but its very thick! I had to buff in it like crazy to get a natural feel from it! I haven't used it since then...

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  1. oh no, no! he's not freakin' cute! he's FREAKIN HOT! i bet you were so kilig while you're styling him? hehe =P

    i'm also a nurse and i'm amused at how many nurses turn to blogging these days!

    i love your outfit shots!

    followed you ;)

    follow back? hehe


  2. You are such a cute assistant! I love the color of that top on you. Who knew there was so much to do behind the scenes! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

    Following you ;)

  3. @Eunica: Hi! I can't say he's hot cuz he's younger than me! NOOO! haha. Thank you :)))

    @just tututiny: Thank you! Have a great weekend too! :)

  4. you look soo cute girl:)

    following you now:) if you like my blog pls follow back:D


  5. @Theonlyfashionprincess: Thank you very much! <3

  6. hes hawt! and your sister is really good!! :)

    ps: i love your hair!

  7. @The Nomadic Fashionista: They are! And thank you! <3

  8. =)can I work as an assistant of the assistants???
    haha!..and meet cute guys too?..haha!..
    you looked so nice together te bee :D .

  9. Haha MIKKO! Sure! Come here!!!! But that cute guy was the client!!! :DDD

  10. came a great subject ha.. good choice! Swerte ng assistant, may I touch touch you pa ha ka cutie!

  11. LOL Mitch! He needed help! It wasn't intended! HAHA :D


Thanks for the love! <3