KPop Mondays: Wonder Girls Live!

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So finally the Wonder Girls came out with their live performances of their songs Be My Baby and GNO (Girls' Night Out)!!!
YEAHHHH! I'm so stoked to see them back! I know I said I wasn't a big fan of Be My Baby, but its catching on.... haha!

Here's there performace in Inkigayo of Be My Baby!

They're having a dance cover contest for this song...
My sisters are pushing me to learn it!
I'll think about it! LOL.

If cutesy isn't your thing here's GNO!

The name is like  the GNO eyeliners from Nichido (Filipino brand of cosmetics)! Haha.

I think this is a nice song! And Ye Eun actually made it!
Over all, I'm loving their vocals a lot better than their "Tell Me", "So Hot", or "Nobody" days!
Seriously, I can now see Leader Sun Ye's talent in singing and she does it while dances!
She's so charismatic!
The rapping is pretty cool, as well! Not the typical JYP generic rap, at all!

And oh, their outfits are looking really nice!
Especially Yoo Bin's! Super cleavage! She is smokin'! LOL.
So Hee is looking great for the camera like always...
Lim may need to get used to performing like a real Wonder Girl but nonetheless, she is talented.

Basically, I think they're doing a good job...

Till next time!

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