UPDATE: Thanksgiving

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Hey Guys!
How was Thanksgiving for you all? Mine was a simple gathering with family and relatives... As you can see it was mostly sweets we had! Yes, there was turkey but I never really liked eating it because it always made me feel sleepy... Weird, I know. The pumpkin pies were outstanding! I deeply regret not consuming more! LOL.

I'm thankful for being very blessed in so many ways... One of it is that I've got quite a number of followers in my blog! Thank you for being all so kind and wonderful! I've been tweeting about maybe doing a giveaway because I am just so ecstatic to have you all!... But I'll tell you now, I sort of went back to school, which makes me a student again, and I'm unemployed (yes, I am sadly still dependent on my parents)... But as soon as I do pass the NCLEX (nursing licensure exam of the US) and get actual work, I'll definitely do one asap!

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Thanks for the love!

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Thanks for the love! <3