KPop Mondays: T-ara's Cry Cry

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Hey guys!
Let me introduce T-ara! They're a Korean girl group that debuted 2009... One of their famous hits were "Bo Peep Bo Peep".. Yes, sounds weird and very girly. This girl group is actually known to be one of the bottom contenders of the Korean girl group craze, not for their talent nor looks, but for their songs and concept. I mean seriously, what the heck is "Bo Peep"?!

T-ara's Cry Cry Promotional Video Poster.
Anyways, a few weeks back they've come out with their new album and a new concept which is kind of doing well in the market... It's a more serious and kick-ass concept for their song "Cry Cry"... heck! They've got a 15-minute drama version for their promotion video with pretty cool actors!

Drama Version of Cry Cry.

Ballad Version of Cry Cry.

Cry Cry is definitely very dramatic... a good song for all you brokenhearted people! LOL.
All in all, T-ara is more likeable to me now than before.

Well, my little sister got me into it and is the reason why I've been listening to their song...
She liked it enough that she's made two covers for their song!

Both are in English and lyrics were made by both my sisters!

The first one she made was a Disco Remix of Cry Cry.

The second one, is her version of the Ballad of Cry Cry.

I hope you all check out her video... I actually helped out with her eye makeup!!!

I hope you check out her youtube channel and give her some love... pretty please? LOL.

Check out my little sister's youtube channel for more awesome covers:

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Thanks for the love!

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  1. I'm so addicted to this song! I'm not a fan of long MVs but this one was kick ass!


Thanks for the love! <3