Daiso Japan Haul + Mini Review.

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Daiso Japan: Charcoal Mask, Charcoal Nose Pack, Eyelash Curler Spare Gum, Partial Eyelash Curler, Double Eyelid Glue with Aloe.

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Sooo... My family and I have been to The Great Mall over at Milpitas, CA over the weekend to chill and watch movies. Mind you, it was packed with people because the sales were crazy for Thanksgiving Weekend! We didn't plan to buy anything really until we passed by the Daiso Japan Store! I was like.. "OMG! This is new?!" because last time we've been there that store was non-existent! 

Daiso is a store for Japanese products which mostly costs $1.50 (if converted to Philippine Peso, only 65PHP!!!) only! I was stoked to see this store because people rave about shopping in Daiso or popularly known as Saizen in the Philippines... So many cool and affordable finds even in the Beauty/Cosmetic sections! Unlike the ones I've read about in the Philippines, this Daiso Store was small and didn't have as much stuff nor stocks but I am generally pleased to have what I have hauled!

Daiso Japan: Charcoal Mask.
This charcoal mask receives a lot of raves in the forums! A must-buy for all beauty lovers! I'm so happy to find this in-store! They have the Charcoal Foam and other face wash but I thought I'd try this out first!

Daiso Japan: Charcoal Nose Pack.
Who can pass a nose pack??? I definitely think this is so much like the IWhite Korea nose pack which I use to purchase back in the Philippines... It is a cream form that you spread all-over your nose, wait for it to dry and then peel off in order to remove your whiteheads and blackhead. Tried it out yesterday! Smells better than the one from IWhite and I definitely think it cleared up my nose!

Daiso Japan: Double Eyelid Glue with Aloe.
Finally! I've found a Double Eyelid Glue! I tried this out yesterday, as well! It is a clear liquid which feels light and does the job! Not messy at all and feels natural on the lid! Thumbs up for this!

Daiso Japan: Partial Eyelash Curler.
I've read and heard many times that people may benefit with eyelash curlers like this in order to get lovely curls even in hard-hard-to-reach-areas like the inner corners. I have yet to try it out! This is similar to the one from Fanny Serrano in the Philippines only much cheaper!

Daiso Japan: Eyelash Curler Spare Gum.
I've looked for replacement eyelash curler pads everywhere because my Sally Hanssen Eyelash Curler always seems to lose its lash pad... Unfortunately, I haven't found a drugstore with such a thing until I found Daiso! I took one out and placed it on my E.L.F. eyelash curler and wow! It is awesome! Why? It fat enough for a snug fit (no worried losing it!) and very sturdy that it gave my eyelashes an instant lift! The E.L.F. is already awesome by itself but this just makes it better!

I've been told that there are eyebrow stencils in Saizen, but I didn't see any in this Daiso store. My little sister hauled a couple of lashes, as well. I wish there were more makeup stuff.... Ohh well. But yeah, great stuff, affordable price and that's my Daiso/Thanksgiving 2011 Haul! No discount though! :P

I'm thinking of making a comparison post on my eyelash curlers soon just because I noticed a difference between them... 

Check out my sister, Gabby, in her new MV for T-ara's Cry Cry!

I helped out with her makeup! Yeah! :D

This is the Ballad Version in her own English lyrics!
Check out my little sister's youtube channel for more awesome covers:

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