KPOP MONDAYS: Wonder Girls + Big Bang

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Big Bang & Wonder Girls (2008).
Such an old photo of the good times... Sun Mi is there too! Oh well... LOL.
Anyways, it's Monday again!
Let me share the news on KPOP!

1. Wonder Girls.
Wonder Girls.
They finally have their new album, Wonder World, out now! My sister downloaded their album straight off iTunes and we listened to it last night... We definitely think their songs are much much much better than before. It's pretty awesome that they were hands-on with the songs.. yes, some of them made some of the songs! But we get a feeling its a little all over the place... Like we don't really understand their concept as much. It's like 70's with rock, disco, and etc. 

Their promotional video for "Be My Baby" has also been released in the past week, as well!

The music and video's concept definitely shouts "WONDER GIRLS!"...
I'm not totally into it but I have to accept the fact that this is what makes them different!

I can't wait for their other music video to be released and to see them perform live!

2. Big Bang.
Big Bang.
They won BEST WORLDWIDE ACT at the MTV 20ll's Europe Music Awards!

They won against Britney Spears!!!

How awesome is that???!!!! It's a BIG PLUS that Daesung has finally come out to do Big Bang work after the horrible accident a few months ago... It's nice to see him out and about! I definitely missed him!


Gahhh! I know I've been slacking off... My poor blog! I'll work harder to keep it alive! LOL :D

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  1. I still haven't listened to the new Wondergirls album but I will have to have a look. I love them!

    I was so pleased to hear about Big Bang. They are one of my favourite Kpop bands and it's great to see how much recognition they are getting!

  2. Yes it is! It's nice to see a Big Bang fan here! ^_^


Thanks for the love! <3